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Optimal use of sunbeds

Ubed is a simple, quick and convenient way for the use of sunbeds. A specially developed App offers the possibility of an organised use of the sunbeds. With the app guest can see witch sunbed is currently used, soon available or unoccupied. Guests only use the sunbeds equipped with the special Ubed tagg when they are on the sunbed. The guest can also leave his sunbed for certain amounts of time, to get a drink, have a swim, visit his room or the toilet. If the guest leaves the sunbed to go shopping, extensive lunching or go on a trip, it will be marked free for other guests. This way there are always enough sunbeds available for everyone.

Ubed offers the solution, the accommodation determines the rules.

Experience what Ubed can do for you.

Ubed stands for a pleasurble and social use of sunbeds. Because no one who is on holiday likes to get up at 6 in the morning, to reserve a sunbed with his towel. And then there are the guests whose sleep is disturbed by this sort of “morning walk”. Ubed offers an solution where the guest enjoys a fair use of sunbeds and gives the accommodation technical insights about how they could manage the sunbed problem.


Both guests and the hotel manager want to ban claiming sunbeds. It’s in the top 3 of holiday annoyances!
Ubed introduces a system for the optimal use of sunbeds.


We like to keep it simple:

Mobile APP

On your own smartphone or tablet device

Small sticker on sunbed

Easy to recognize

Onetime check-in

Within a second

Geographical Zone

Connection is disconnected in case of no active use

Ubed offers the possibility to make agreements about the use of sunbeds clear to everyone, and to regulate them. If you make use of systems by Ubed, “towel reservations” will be a thing of the past. With modern aids such as the internet, Wi-Fi and mobile devices, we offer the possibility to friendly optimise the use of sunbeds